MSc Serious Games & Virtual Reality

Applying modern games technology and exploring immersive VR and Augmented Reality development for training, education, and beyond.

The MSc offers students the transferable skills to design, develop and apply games and simulations for a range of application areas and to conduct interdisciplinary research in the serious applications of games and immersive technologies.

Over the course of the year, all students work on a range of individual and group projects, on 3D modelling and on interactive 3D application development for desktop, augmented and virtual reality. The final semester is dedicated to a self-directed project in your own chosen topic. Previous projects have covered a wide range of aspects of game design, storytelling, and applications of games and virtual reality.

Graduates of the programme have gone on to work for a range of independent and major game companies (including Rockstar North, Blizzard Activision, Ubisoft, and so on), or to work in other applied areas of visualisation and virtual reality (such as within film production, architectural visualisation and civil engineering) or progressed to doctoral (PhD) studies, working with leading Virtual Reality research groups worldwide.