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Cards from How to Fail Your Research Degree game

How to Fail Your Research Degree

Research skills are hard to teach in a motivating and memorable way. “How to Fail Your Research Degree” is a light-hearted tabletop game which familiarises students with the various academic skills and activities necessary to undertake post-graduate research and the risks and pitfalls that can affect a research degree.

A digital version of this game is currently in development.

Creative Thinking Quest

This online Choose Your Own Adventure is focussed on developing students’ skills in project design.

Photograph of stacked meeple from the game On the Shoulders of Giants, a mod of Meeple Circus.

On the Shoulders of Giants

This tabletop game is a mod of Meeple Circus. It focusses on increasing students’ knowledge and confidence of literature search and literature review techniques.

You need to buy a copy of Meeple Circus to play. The files below allow the game to be used for purposeful play for learning about how to do a literature review.

Agents of Change Toolkit

These 8 ‘minigames’ or playful activities were co-designed with educators as part of a project which aimed to accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals for schools and educators.

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