ConnectMore22 Day3 keynote talk

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Playful Learning Online

This video is from Jisc’s ConnectMore22 Learning and Teaching conference and took place at the start of Day3 which was focussing on digital enhancement for students.

I have shared the video here with the kind permission of Jisc – I have also recorded extra bonus material which forms the latter section of the video.


  • 00:00 Introduction and why be playful
  • 03:35 Personalisation and scaffolding learning
  • 13:43 Utter silliness
  • 16:18 Analogue vs digital engagement in game-based learning
  • 23:16 Summary and key messages
  • 24:50 Questions
  • 34:44 Bonus content – Community Building
  • 40:51 Bonus content – Crowdsourcing / Collaborative learning

Resources from the video

Games/resources by me

Other playful learning resources

Other things I mentioned in the slides

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