Games for research skills

Photograph of playing cards from How to Fail Your Research Degree game

For a little while now I have been interested in games for research skills. As well as research skills very much being the focus of my own games, I’ve analysed this in several publications to date, noting the good match between many of the characteristics of game-based learning and the capabilities needed for higher order thinking.

It is widely accepted across the literature that critical thinking and research skills are essential capabilities for students to master in order to progress both in their studies and in the workplace. […] However, the effectiveness of these courses and motivation of students undertaking them has been shown to be commonly problematic (Earley, 2014). According to one study focussing on research methods teaching, “Students consistently underperform and give low ratings in [research methods] module evaluations” (Ryan et al., 2014, p. 88) and students struggle to link academic research skills with their need and desire to undertake practical problem-solving in a real world context (ibid.) […] Increasingly, teachers in Higher Education are considering the potential of game-based learning (GBL) to deliver constructivist approaches in the teaching and learning of research skills.

Abbott, Daisy (2020) Beyond Vicarious Learning: Embedding Dialogic Learning into Educational Games. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Game Based Learning. p. 2.

With this in mind, I’m starting a review and analysis of all the games I can find that are focussed on teaching academic skills, research skills, or critical thinking in a Higher Education context.

I’ve used my own Big Padlet O’ Playful Learning Goodness which I’ve been collecting over the years as well as the excellent Research Support Games list by George Bray and Valerie McCutcheon.

But I want to hear about more!

Do you know any games specifically for Learning Development or Research skills? Are there lists from people outside the UK? Please get in touch!

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