Serious Game Rapid Online Co-design to Facilitate Change Within Education

Serious Game Rapid Online Co- design to Facilitate Change Within Education - a poster presented at the Games and Learning Alliance conference 2021

I recently presented our short paper called “Serious Game Rapid Online Co-design to Facilitate Change Within Education” at the 2021 Games and Learning Alliance conference. The paper outlines the development process of, and preliminary findings from, our work using the Serious Game Rapid Online Co-design (SGROC) workflow that was used with the Agents of Change project.

Summary of the SGROC workflow findings


reduces time commitment; more accessible for remote communities and e.g. carers; very high scaffolding and support for teachers; acute time pressure reduces perfectionism; high knowledge exchange; empowers educators; games were useful, relevant, and understandable; genuine collaboration; rigour.


connectivity issues; schools restrict tech; not easily scalable; somewhat stressful process.


meticulous setup; prepare for post- workshop ‘tweaking’; explicitly link to theories of change; adaptability is important; group participants meaningfully.

Research outputs

The paper will shortly be available in the conference proceedings and should be cited as:

The conference poster shown above is also available as a PDF.

The SGROC workflow workshop itself is available here and I can provide it as an editable Miro board. Just get in touch!

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