eLearning at the GSA

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  • How to see what’s coming up in Canvas
    You can use the ‘List view’ on your Canvas Dashboard to see a list of all of your events, assignments and tasks in a linear, itinerary format. You can also add to-do items to your list and even find Zoom links very easily. Changing to List View To change your Dashboard view on Canvas to…
  • Changing your Avatar in Outlook
    Changing your avatar in Outlook is simple, and it’s an easy way to personalise your emails and make your communications easy to recognise. Watch our Tech Tip to find out how to change your avatar in Outlook….
  • Adding an Avatar to your Canvas Account
    Adding an avatar to your Canvas account is a great way to personalise any communications you send out. It’s really helpful for students too, because it helps students to recognise your messages. It takes a couple of minutes to add a picture to your Canvas account, and you don’t need to add a picture of…
  • Editing Captions / Subtitles within Planet eStream
        In this tech tip for staff, I’ll show you how to edit subtitles directly within Planet eStream. This is useful to make quick edits and changes to existing captions. Watch the video above or follow the intructions below. Navigate to your video on Planet eStream Click ‘Manage Subtitles’ Click the ‘Go to Subtitle…
  • Using sections on your Canvas course
    Now that you know what the difference between sections and groups are, learn how to use sections….