Year 4

Year 4 is the year that determines the final grade for the programme and features both the BSc Immersive Systems Design research dissertation and the graduate degree show. The final year of the programmes primarily focuses on individual work along with self-determined projects towards the development of a graduating portfolio.

ISD4-A: Industry Essay: This project focused on providing students with an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the structure of creative industries around games, immersive systems, and related areas and an appreciation of the roles and career development.

ISD4-B: Studio: In this project, students develop a Application or Art-based Project based around a topic of interest to the student that demonstrates and showcases the students competency and skills in their domain of specialization. Students are able to choose amongst a number of different techniques and tools to develop their output. The final results are reviewed according to similar works in the field or professional standards, with a eye towards critical reflection. This project can either be focused on modelling assets (Eg. Studio Portfolio) or around programming complexity (Eg. Application development).

Vertical Project: This is a collaborative project between students on the entire programme of study (Year 1-4). In this project develop a simple physical computing project in line with the theme provided for the project. The project is a collaborative piece of work and will consist of a multi-level game in which each level represents the individual contribution of a student. As such, a game for a team of four will consist of four independent levels, one for each individual student. The game produced will provide players with a collection of different levels addressing the same theme and providing an in-sight into a collective reflection on the theme. The games will integrate physical computing via a range of potential tools for game asset production, Unity and Arduino.

ISD4-C: Immersive Systems: In this project, students develop a Unity Project based around an XR technology that demonstrates a use case. Students are able to choose amongst a number of different XR devices to develop their application. The application needs to be rationalized against a meaningful use case of an Immersive system. This project might be more focused on modelling assets (Eg. Immersive Portfolio) or around programming complexity (Eg. Immersive simulation tool).

BSc Research Dissertation: The final year of the BSc Immersive Systems Design programme requires students to complete a self-defined research project. In this project, students can either chose a proposed project or chose a supervisor in order to put forward a programme of independent research, development and testing. This year long project allows students to develop independent research skills through the development of a research question, a comprehensive literature review, a programme of implementation and development and an evaluation. Students are supported in their studies with weekly supervisor meetings, interim deliveries, progress interviews and formative feedback. 

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