Year 1

Year 1 is a foundational year in which students develop familiarity with 3D Modelling (3DS Max), Game Development and Design (Unity), Interaction Technologies (Arduino) and the Glasgow School of Art (Colab 1 & Colab 2 projects).

ISD1-A: Introduction to Digital Painting. Students are tasked to produce a conceptual development for a simple animation sequence. In this project, students are tutored on 1) drawing foundations and practices related to sketching and observation, 2) the use of digital tools in order to collect meaningful references (i.e moodboard) for progressing a concept and 3) develop a visual storyboard for a simple animation sequence and produce a representative piece of concept art. Projects are developed using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and a digital graphic drawing tablet.

ISD1-A Concept Art by Jingwen Sun (2020)

ISD1-B: Unity Diorama: In this project, students produce a simple interactive visualisation using simple primitive-based low-poly modelling. Students are tasked with the thematic development of an interactive visualisation based on the concepts of movement and animation through scripting. The project is developed using Unity (game production) and 3DS Max (3D Modelling).

ISD1-B by Jaime Ojeda (2020)
ISD1-B by Jingwen Sun (2020)
ISD1-B by Alexandru Rusu (2020)

CoLab 1&2: (

The First Year Experience brings together all of Year 1 students from the five schools at GSA (Design, Architecture, Fine Art, Innovation, Simulation and Visualisation), the International Foundation Programme, and Glasgow Clyde College Associate Student Scheme in a virtual place for two shared projects during their first year of study. The FYE is made up of two 4-week courses: Co-Lab 1 in Semester 1 and Co-Lab 2 in Semester 2. Each course takes a focus on creative practice through the lenses of context, criticality, studio and collaboration. Each course is led by an overarching theme which evolves each academic year to reflect current and relevant topics and issues. The FYE introduces students to art school. It offers students the opportunity to explore the breadth of the disciplinary domain in which they will study, work and practice, its relationship with other specialist subjects at GSA and the wider context of Glasgow.

Being Human by Zain Benomran (2020)
Origins by Alexandru Rusu (2020)

Vertical Project: This is a collaborative project between students on the entire programme of study (Year 1-4). In this project develop a simple physical computing project in line with the theme provided for the project. The project is a collaborative piece of work and will consist of a multi-level game in which each level represents the individual contribution of a student. As such, a game for a team of four will consist of four independent levels, one for each individual student. The game produced will provide players with a collection of different levels addressing the same theme and providing an in-sight into a collective reflection on the theme. The games will integrate physical computing via a range of potential tools for game asset production, Unity and Arduino.

Ray Star by Shelby Smith, Ari Angelova, Rachel McCoach and Jaime Ojeda (2020)
Reflections by Matthew Dempsey, Owen Burns, Omar Said and Zain Benomran (2020)

ISD1-C: Introduction to Virtual Reality. In this project, students work on developing a virtual reality application that focuses on the completion of a certain task or a specific objective. This application enables the user to interact with different virtual elements and allow the exploration of the environment through some means of navigation. Students are free to develop a topic of their choice but are required to integrate an interaction controller and provide a light and texture render of their application (i.e., trailer). The project is developed using Unity (VR production) and 3DS Max (3D Modelling).

ISD1-C Ainoah Sichlidou-Henessy (2021)
ISD1-C Omar Said (2021)

ISD1-D: Introduction to Game Development. In this collaborative project, students work on developing a 3D puzzle game based on the concept of diorama (e.g. Fez, Monument Valley). Students are free to develop a game on a topic of their choice but are required to design their conceptual main game mechanic on the manipulation of a diorama. The project is developed using Unity (game production) and 3DS Max (3D Modelling and Animations)

Kalopsia by Shelby Smith and Hamed Talebany (2018)
Railroaded by Derek McBeth and Alexandru Rusu (2021)
After School Hour by Ainoha Sichlidou-Hennessy and Jaime Ojeda (2021)
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