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Looking for a career in Games, VR or VFX?  Show us your work!

Apply now to study games, 3D modelling and Virtual Reality at The Glasgow School of Art!

At the Glasgow School of Art, we understand that each creative is an individual with a unique blend of passions and skills. Tell us about your creative journey and show us your passion for all things digital, games, VR and animation. Our offers primarily focus on an interview and your portfolio of work.

We are now accepting submission for entry into the 2022-2023 academic year. This programme taught at the School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) offers pathways in Games and Virtual Reality and 3D modelling and is aimed at providing creatives with the skills, knowledge and practice to technically develop and realise their visions in Immersive Systems such as Virtual/Augmented Reality, games, or interactive animations.

We are excited to welcome applications to study on the BSc Immersive Systems Design

You can apply to study on our BSc Immersive Systems Design course via the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service ( / 3DModelling pathway / Games and VR pathway

Transferring directly into Year 2 or 3 from abroad or within the UK

You can transfer to the BSc Immersive Systems Design directly into Year 2 or 3 if you have relevant qualifications from outside of the UK (e.g. Community College (USA), IUT (France)) or studied a Foundation year or at an HNC/HND level in the UK. If you wish to transfer to the course please contact programme leader at the School of Simulation and Visualisation (Sandy Louchart – in order to discuss your background and potential level of entry based on your qualifications and experience.

Study abroad opportunities

The BSc Immersive Systems Design is offering a range of Study Abroad and International Exchanges opportunities for students on the course to study abroad and students abroad wishing to study with us for a semester. Visit the Study Abroad guide and international exchanges page for more details

Find more information about the course and how to apply here:

Submit your work (e.g. games, illustration, 3D models) and apply to come and study with us.


Maximiliano Wardle (BSc Immersive Systems Design – Year 4)

To me, the BSc program is more than just a stellar education in realtime technologies and extended reality, although it certainly is that. It is a unique opportunity to study in a truly interdisciplinary environment, supported by world-class experts in a range of fields. It is a rigorous foundation in theory and practice, but also offers the freedom to explore the ideas that truly interest you. The BSc is a preparation for shaping the rapidly approaching immersive future, but in my mind, the greatest skill it teaches is creative problem solving, something invaluable in every discipline.

Hamed Talebany (BSc Immersive Systems Design – Year 4)

What I enjoyed the most about studying at Simvis is the friendly and, of course, professional environment. There were various creative and fun projects to do individually or with a small group of students.

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