The School of Simulation and Visualisation is an undergraduate and postgraduate research and commercial centre of The Glasgow School of Art. Its intense learning and research environment exploits the interface between science, technology and the arts to explore imaginative and novel uses of advanced 3D digital visualisation and interaction technologies.

At SimVis, each year group or cohort is assigned a studio in September for the whole duration of the academic year. This area effectively becomes a collective space for lectures, workshops and project work. Students are also provided with access to a fully equipped PC for you to use at all times during studio opening hours.

Much like a digital media studio, the space and technical facilities available are there for both the completion of coursework and the development of personal practice. Additional materials such as video and sound equipment are also available on loan, free of charge, from the lecturers’ office.

We take great pride in supporting our students to meet their personal goals and ambitions. Equally important to us is the stimulating, studious and supportive atmosphere of the SimVis community. Our expectation is that each member of our community passionately engage, share and communicate with others both at SimVis and beyond.

The Glasgow School of Art

The Glasgow School of Art is a beacon of creative activities in Glasgow. As such, it supports very large amounts of activities, associations, events, discussions and exhibitions on a weekly basis. Whilst SimVis is located slightly away from Garnethill, we encourage all our students to play an active role within the wider GSA community and take a keen interest in discovering something new every week through their exploration of the varied and multiple identities of the GSA. We highly recommend attending exhibition openings, and the plethora of concerts and nightlife in Glasgow (key sound art venues include The Old Hairdressers, SWG3, The Poetry Club, Centre for Contemporary Arts, the City Halls among others…)

Course and Programme Ethos

Each project has been designed to provide you with a clear technical framework and a space for expressing creativity. Although most projects are technical in nature, they all require some level of creativity through which students can reflect their interests and develop their portfolio. As such it offers students room for tailoring aspects of their coursework to fit their professional ambitions or target specific industries or areas of the creative technologies spectrum.

Every new adventure carries expectations. The BSc Immersive Systems Design programme has been designed to provide students with a challenging but manageable workload and a creative space to explore new avenues and experiment with their practice. Whilst expectations in terms of student work, effort, engagement and motivation are high, tutors are dedicated to advise students on their personal development and perform to the best of their abilities.

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