Join the first Secrious Cybersecurity Game Jam

The SECRIOUS research team presents the Slow Game Jam – a serious game jam on cybersecurity that keeps the creativity and the fun of game jams, but does away with the time pressure and the stress. Instead, we added talks, workshops and group discussion into the mix to create a game jam experience that offers something back to you.

If you like the idea of a game jam without “hangry”, sleepless game devs but are not an expert serious game designer or a cybersecurity guru, don’t be put off! We will support you with workshops, assets and tailored feedback throughout your project development. If you have an interest in serious game design and/or cybersecurity, that’s enough – we want *you* on board!

Feel free to register on your own or with friends! You will form small teams and each team will be assigned mentors for support throughout the game jam. To learn more about our unique game jam, please check out our introductory package here 🔗! If you are into, you can also visit our game jam page here 🔗 and if you coordinate using Eventbrite, visit our page here 🔗!

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Interested in joining
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Hope to see you on board!

Be well and stay cybersafe out there,
the SECRIOUS research project

SECRIOUS is a multidisciplinary research project which aims to engage new code-citizens in making the security of software code tangible through the design of serious games. SECRIOUS is a collaborative effort across the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (MACS) at Heriot-Watt University (HWU), the School of Simulation and Visualisation (SimVis) at Glasgow School of Art (GSoA) and the Department of Social Anthropology at University of St Andrews (UStA) and is funded by the

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